Our Products are Natural and Affordable
Soapmarket Online partners with companies who care deeply about the ingredients they put in their products or materials used in their jewelry, and the impact their products and processes have on the environment.

Our Service is Personalized
In addition to the high quality ingredients in our products, our personalized service sets soapmarket apart in the industry. Owner Ellen D’Amore is passionate about her products and her business. She works with each individual customer to find products that meet their needs.

How soapmarket Began
During her 18 year career as a textile designer in New York City's garment center, Ellen traveled the world. She visited countries across Europe and Asia, and discovered luxurious all-natural soaps. With each visit, she replenished her supply because these natural products were difficult to find in the US. Recognizing her passion for beautiful soap and our country's demand for it, Ellen was inspired to leave her career in textiles and opened Soapmarket in 2004. Today, Soapmarket is an online boutique featuring Ellen's hand-picked selections.

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