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Soothing and addicting fragrance of k.hall design's milk fragrance in natural  milled bar soap k.hall designs Shoreline hard surface cleaner
Additional or replacement reeds for your diffuser An intoxicating and soothing creamy fragrance in natural bar soap Fresh and breezy hard surface cleaner spray bottle from k.hall designs
k.hall designs washed cotton lavender and chamomile room and sheet spray k.hall designs Shoreline room and sheet spray khall milk liquid soap
a calming linen spray in lavender and chamomile Fresh and breezy room and line spray from k.hall designs An intoxicating creamy fragrance
Soothing and addicting fragrance of k.hall design's milk fragrance in natural candle khall milk shea butter lotion True essential oils of lavender and lavandin blend perfectly for the Lavender fragrance of k.hall design's natural wax candle
An intoxicating and soothing creamy fragrance An intoxicating creamy fragrance for silky smooth skin A pure essential oil fragrance
K. hall designs diffuser refills k hall designs moss reed diffuser kit k.hall designs milk reed diffuser

Natural scent diffusers in a selection of fragrances

Fresh green fragrance from k.hall designs An addictive and soothing blend of coconut, cream and vanilla.
k.hall designs natural reed diffuser in tranquil shoreline fragrance k.hall designs juicy pomegranate reed diffuser
A tranquil fragrance with notes of ozone, summer blossoms, and beach breezes, all known to leave one feeling calm and refreshed. k. hall designs blends the best and natural elements in their scent diffusers, including thicker reeds to saturate more thoroughly, the highest quality essential and fragrance oils.
Blended with cosmetic-grade ingredients so it may be applied as a personal body scent.
Filled in a shatterproof amber bottle, the oil is protected from light until use, maintaining the integrity of the scent. The glass apothecary bottle can be re-used or refilled.
8 fl. oz. Made in the USA.
A blend of juicy, ruby red pomegranate notes and earthy soothing wooded patchouli.